Understanding the reading and purchasing habits of Welsh speakers


Why the client needed the research
The Welsh Books Council (WBC) wanted to gather evidence about Welsh Speakers’ reading and book-purchasing habits, to help them with future policy making and marketing strategies. The research was conducted over two waves in 2012 on the Welsh Speakers Omnibus. The key objectives were:

- To better understand the frequency of reading Welsh books
- To quantify the number of Welsh books read on average
- To identify the types of book Welsh speakers like to read and where they buy them
- To understand online purchasing of books and e-books
- To identify information sources for Welsh books

Our approach
WBC has used the Welsh Speakers Omnibus Survey in the past to understand reading and purchasing habits of Welsh speakers across Wales, and wanted up-to-date tracking data that would give them the information and evidence required to drive forward their marketing strategies.

The questions remained relatively unchanged from the previous wave in 2006.

A total of 504 Welsh speakers across Wales were interviewed by our highly trained bilingual interviewers, conducted by telephone utilising our CATI team (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing).

The outcome
The project is still live, with the second wave of tracking research taking place this autumn, but already the data has given WBC insight into the reading and purchasing habits of Welsh speakers.