Understanding the business environment in Wales


Why the client needed the research
Since its inception in 2001, the Welsh Government (and WDA as was) has used the Business Omnibus survey to better understand the business environment in Wales.

The survey has helped the Welsh Government to gather data on:
- Business obstacles, difficulties and support needs
- Employment and recruitment issues
- Business outlook, anticipated growth/decline and aspirations
- Economic optimism
- Awareness of business support organisations and communications
- Usage of external business support
- Use of external funding streams and deemed importance
- Entrepreneurship and business start-up issues
- Business profiling (e.g. market locations, public/private sector customer base)
Our approach
The Beaufort Business Omnibus Survey provides a quick and cost effective means for the Welsh Government to access business opinion from a representative sample of 500 senior decision makers in SMEs in Wales.

The outcome
A flexible approach means reporting is tailored to meet information needs.  For example, the survey was recently used by the Welsh Government Micro Businesses Task and Finish Group to help identify the challenges and support needs of businesses with 1 to 9 employees in Wales.