Identifying ways to improve stakeholder engagement


Why the client needed the research

Providing stakeholders with an opportunity to feed back on their working relationship with the Welsh Government is an important means of identifying ways to improve stakeholder engagement; and one way this is achieved is through regular stakeholder surveys.

Having delivered these survey results, Beaufort was tasked with exploring certain key themes in depth, including: citizen focus; ‘joined up’ working; and consultation exercises.

Our approach

The processes around organising studies of this nature are complex. Stakeholders were wide-ranging, including local authorities, the third sector, private businesses, academic institutions, and international government departments.

We devised a two-stage, multi-method approach. In the first stage (quantitative), we needed to be flexible in administering the survey: stakeholders were able to participate either by phone (CATI) or online (CAWI) in the language of their choice (English or Welsh).

To fully meet the objectives, the research required a second, qualitative stage which explored key themes arising from the survey; this component consisted of 10 informal workshop sessions across Wales, with stakeholders.

As well as exploring the views of stakeholders, we also consulted Welsh Government employees, with 12 mini-focus groups carried out across several locations.

The outcome

We provided the client with a valuable evidence base to help improve the way the Welsh Government works with and involves its stakeholders. By allowing comparisons with the 2006 benchmark on key measures, we helped identify where improvements had been made over time and, conversely, where issues still remained.

The in-depth qualitative stage helped give context and understanding to the views expressed in the survey and provided practical insight to the Welsh Government on prioritising issues to be addressed.