Gathering intelligence on curricular and extra-curricular sports provision in schools across Wales


Why the client needed the research
Beaufort, on behalf of Sport Wales, tracked the provision of sport in schools between 2001 and 2010. Extensive data was gathered on the variety of sports provided at both a curricular and extra-curricular level, along with the time dedicated to sports across the academic year.

The research has been used to track changing levels of provision over time, and determine whether national targets for sports provision levels were being met in Wales. In addition, it was important to gather the views and opinions of teachers and Heads of PE on the barriers and enablers in terms of providing PE in schools.
Our approach
We adopted a multi-stage approach in order to best meet the objectives. 

First, a self-completion postal survey of primary and secondary schools was conducted. The first stage of the process was to undertake a data-gathering exercise using our experienced telephone interviewers, to ensure we held the correct contact information for all PE Teachers and Heads of PE in schools across Wales. We then provided a paper based survey to all primary and secondary school in Wales. This was supplemented by an online completion option. To maximise the response rate, a series of reminders were scheduled, including e-mails, telephone calls and supplementary mailings where necessary.

The second stage of the research involved telephone depth interviews with PE Teachers and Heads of PE to explore their attitudes and perceptions of the delivery of PE and sport in schools.

Sport Wales was provided with extensive data on the provision of PE to school children aged 7-18 years.  This information was used to determine the effectiveness current PE delivery in meeting the national curriculum targets, set out by the Welsh Government. It also provided valuable insight into how providers of PE in schools view the current curriculum and available facilities; and to track whether attitudes to PE in schools are changing over time.