Determining the demand drivers when purchasing lamb


Why the client needed the research
Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) was in the process of developing its marketing and communications strategy for the promotion of Welsh lamb. HCC commissioned us to inform this strategy by better understanding purchasers and consumers of lamb. Specifically, we were tasked with identifying and ranking the demand drivers.

Our approach
We helped HCC to expand the brief by including additional objectives and an innovative approach. The qualitative component consisted of three-part, extended interviews which included home and store visits. The quantitative component was enhanced with multivariate data analysis

The outcome
The combined research methods gave HCC clear direction for its marketing and communications strategy, underpinned by the deeper understanding of the drivers delivered by the multivariate analysis. The qualitative component provided a visually rich insight into consumers’ lives, shopping habits and values around which certain demand drivers are formed. We also provided further cultural context by exploring language and imagery associated with the category.