Providing clear direction to help meet members’ needs


Why the client needed the research
In order to help its members meet current and future challenges in the social housing sector, Community Housing Cymru (CHC) embarked on a nationwide ‘conversation with . . .’ among members, stakeholders and staff.

The aim of the research was to provide the client with direction on areas to review and consult upon further, as part of a wider consultation process.

Beaufort Research was therefore commissioned by CHC to feed into this consultation by exploring the needs of members in the context of a significantly changing social housing landscape.
Our approach
To enable as many member organisations as possible to have their say, we conducted two phone surveys, one with CEOs of member organisations and one with non CEOs. To explore the issues in more depth we also carried out a qualitative stage consisting of a mix of discussion groups and phone interviews. 

The outcome
CHC acted immediately on our findings and recommendations with task and finish groups set up to implement change in a number of areas. We also presented to different senior stakeholders (internal and external) which required tailoring the results to ensure the audiences got the most out of the sessions.

What the client said
“When we commissioned the research, we knew that it would be an extremely important mechanism for us to assess how fit for purpose we were as a membership body and what changes needed to be made to ensure we met our members’ future needs.

“The timescales, budget and work programme were very tight but the team at Beaufort Research delivered within budget, the agreed deadlines and surpassed our expectations in terms of the final report. They provided expert guidance, exhibited professionalism and safeguarded member confidentiality throughout the whole process.  Their final report provided a comprehensive overview of the research, their findings and key actions to be addressed.

“We would have no issues in recommending Beaufort Research.” (Phillipa Knowles, Director, Central Services)