Evaluating the impact of the TV series Snowdonia 1890


Why the client needed the research
BBC Cymru Wales was keen to ensure that that this flagship series reached, and engaged with, as broad an audience as possible. As part of this evaluation process, BBC Wales commissioned us to carry out research on the series among the Welsh population.

Building on the success of BBC Wales’ Coal House series, Snowdonia 1890 followed two modern-day families as they stepped back in time to live for a month as if they were part of a slate quarry community in North Wales towards the end of the 19th century. 

image Our approach
We used a combination of quantitative and qualitative research to fulfil the objectives. The study focused on awareness and use of Snowdonia 1890 content on TV, radio and online platforms; and explored viewers’ perceptions of the series.

Quantitative data was captured via a telephone survey of a representative sample of the Welsh population. We also convened focus groups to obtain detailed feedback on Snowdonia among viewers in three locations across Wales.

The outcome
The findings demonstrated that Snowdonia 1890 attained the same impressive approval ratings as Coal House. In particular, viewers were drawn in by the journey that the families travelled as they attempted to adjust to life in 1890. The way in which the relationships evolved within and between the families also sustained interest. The series further engaged many viewers with the way in which it brought the past to life, and opened a window onto the hardships faced by isolated rural communities in 1890.

Find out more about Snowdonia 1890: http://www.bbc.co.uk/snowdonia1890/.