2016 Omnibus Survey dates now available

We’ve now released the 2016 fieldwork dates for our suite of Wales focused Omnibus surveys to help you plan your research for next year.

To anyone new to research, ‘omnibus’ isn’t perhaps the clearest label for these surveys (dictionary definitions of the word aren’t much help either). Essentially, they allow several different clients to survey the same group of people which can mean a much more cost effective research project than if you commissioned an ad hoc piece of work – you share the overheads with other clients but your data is completely confidential. You can place as many questions as you wish on an omnibus survey, with discounts built in the more questions you ask, and pay by the question.

We’re finding that more and more clients are using our Omnibus offer to track trends, for example in behaviours and also brand / communication / advertising / policy awareness and understanding.

Beaufort runs four surveys:
- The Wales Omnibus Survey which interviews 1,000 adults face to face (CAPI) across Wales every quarter
- The Business Omnibus Survey which consists of 500 phone interviews (CATI) with businesses in Wales twice a year
- The Children’s Omnibus Survey, talking to 500 7-18 year olds in Wales three times a year, face to face (CAPI)
- The Welsh Speakers Omnibus Survey – 500 phone interviews (CATI) with Welsh speaking adults

If you’d like to find out more, or have any research related queries please do give us a call on 029 2037 8565.


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