4 in 10 consumers expect economic conditions to worsen in Wales

Results from Beaufort’s most recent Consumer Confidence Monitor from March this year show that, on balance, the Welsh general public’s faith in the economy is uncertain. Only 13% think that economic conditions in Wales will improve in the next 12 months whereas almost three times as many (38%) expect it to worsen.

Expectation of changes in personal household finances are slightly more positive, but still, more expect a worsening (22%) rather than improving (16%) situation over the coming year.


Data for our monitor was gathered using Beaufort’s Wales Omnibus Survey – a nationally representative survey of 1,000 adults aged 16+ across the Principality. The survey takes place quarterly and the June 2017 edition (fieldwork 12 – 25 June) will provide an early insight into the impact, if any, of the result of the General Election on the public’s outlook. Further details on our suite of Omnibus Surveys can be found here.


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