Almost a third believe Carwyn Jones was right to give Kirsty Williams a job in the Cabinet

Beaufort’s latest opinion poll for the Western Mail shows 32% of adults in Wales agree that the First Minister, Carwyn Jones, has done the right thing in giving Kirsty Williams, the only Liberal Democrat elected to the Welsh Assembly, a job in the Cabinet.

However, one in five (20%) believe the First Minister should not have given the Liberal Democrat AM a position in the Cabinet, while nearly half (48%) of the 1,000 adults surveyed could not give an answer.

Those most likely to say that Carwyn Jones was right to give Kirsty Williams a job in the Cabinet were:
• Older people aged 55+ (42%, compared to 32% overall)
• Those living in North Wales and West South Wales (37% and 35% respectively)
• And those who are in the higher socio-economic grades - ABC1 (37% compared to 28% C2DEs)

Conversely, those most likely to disagree with Kirsty Williams’ appointment to the Cabinet in the Welsh Assembly were:
• Those aged 35-54 (24% compared with 20% overall)
• Those living in the Valleys and Cardiff and South East Wales (26% and 25% respectively, compared to 20% overall)

Those most likely to say they didn’t know were:
• Younger people aged 16-34 (62% compared with 48% overall)
• Women (51% compared with 45% of men)
• Those living in Mid / West Wales (56% compared to 48% overall), which is perhaps surprising given that Kirsty Williams is the Assembly Member for Brecon and Radnorshire in Mid Wales

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