Health issues identified as the main factor determining how Welsh adults will vote

The Welsh public have identified four main issues that would affect their voting choice in the next general election, with health / NHS likely to influence almost one third of the Welsh population (32%). Other key factors included the economy (19%), immigration (15%), and education (11%).

Older people and women were more likely to single out the issue of health / NHS than younger people and men, with 40% of people aged 55 and over and 38% of women doing so, compared with just 20% of those aged 18 to 34 and 24% of men.

In contrast, men and those in the mid-age range (35 to 54) were most likely to select the economy as the most important issue in determining how they might vote. - Twice as many men (26%) choose this factor than women (12%) and 25% of 35 to 54 year olds selected the economy as the most important issue compared with 19% overall.

The economy was also identified as a key factor for the upper middle classes (ABs: those in higher managerial, professional and administrative professions), with 29% selecting this as the most important influencing factor to their vote, pushing health into second place with 25%.

Education was most likely to be singled out by the upper middle classes, younger people and women, with 18% of ABs, 17% of 18-34s and 14% of women doing so, compared with 11% overall.



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