Later Easter in 2014 boosts tourism in Wales

Visit Wales recently published results of a survey conducted by Beaufort amongst tourist attractions and accommodation providers in Wales. The main aim of the research was to compare how tourism businesses had performed over the Easter 2014 holiday season compared to last year.

The results were much more positive this year compared to last. Over two in five (44%) tourism businesses received more guests/visitors this Easter compared to 2013, with only 19% reporting fewer. Back in 2013 the picture was quite different, when only 14% of businesses reported more guests, and 49% reported fewer.

The later Easter holiday was felt to be one of the main reasons for this upturn in tourism, with the staggering of school holidays across England and Wales allowing businesses to take advantage of an extended holiday period. Warmer weather also contributed to increased guest/visitor numbers – clink on this link to see the full report.


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