Online survey launched to gather teachers’ views in Wales

Beaufort Research, on behalf of Welsh Government, has launched a short online survey for any qualified teachers in Wales to complete.

imageIt covers topics such as motivations to teach, aspects that currently strengthen commitment and what might cause teachers to consider giving up teaching. The link to the survey is provided here. The survey takes about six minutes to complete.

The survey is also open to individuals who have moved on from the teaching profession to help us better understand the reasons for leaving the sector.  If you are a qualified teacher – including if you have left the profession - please do complete the survey.

The survey is part of a wider piece of research that Welsh Government has commissioned Beaufort and the National Foundation for Educational Research to undertake on the attractiveness of teaching and retention of teachers in Wales. Beaufort is carrying out face to face research with primary and secondary schools, ITE Centres, undergraduates and stakeholders to ask for their input into the project.


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